Full-Service Relocation

We pride ourselves in offering a full range of relocation services customized to meet your exact needs —from packing your belongings to arranging your new home. If you don’t see a service you’re looking for, contact us to discuss additional needs.

Pre-Move Planning

Before your move, we will conduct a free in-home survey of your belongings to determine your moving needs and provide an accurate cost estimate.


Our team of experts will carefully wrap your belongings in paper and/or bubble wrap and pack them into sturdy boxes. All boxes are carefully labeled as to their contents and the room they will be placed in, so it’s easy for you to get settled quickly in your new home.

Furniture will be padded and shrink-wrapped before it gets loaded to guard against any damage. It does not get unwrapped until it arrives at your destination and is placed where you want it. Fragile and specialty items are transported safely in custom-built crates. Each item is inventoried to ensure you receive all your belongings at your new home.

Specialty Items

From classic cars to Bosendorfer grand pianos, customers trust Brian Hansen Relocation to expertly handle moving specialty items. All specialty items are transported in a state of the art, high-end, enclosed trailer, so they’re not exposed to rock chips, vandalism, or other hazards of open transport. For the utmost protection, your item can be placed in a custom-built crate. Contact us for more details on your specific needs.


No heavy lifting for you! Local or worldwide, personal or corporate, Brian Hansen Relocation has the experience and expertise to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Your belongings will be carefully loaded into a secure moving van and safely transported to your new home.


Once your belongings have arrived at your new home, the team can unpack them, placing items in your home under your direction. They will also haul away packing material and empty boxes for you.

Brian Hansen also offers full-service turnkey home setup, so you don’t even have to be present on delivery day. The experts can coordinate with you, your realtor, family members, or a personal assistant to unpack your belongings and arrange your home how you would like it.

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